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  • Monthly contests and challenges
  • Feedback on your music
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  • Access to monthly training forever
  • Participation in monthly group call with me
  • Access to the community of indie artists just like you
  • Monthly contests and challenges
  • Feedback on your music
  • Access to online resources

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  • Free training covering all areas of the music industry to help you improve skills and make real money
  • Free group coaching calls with Becky and guest mentors where you can ask individual questions, provide feedback to others and make connections with other musical entrepreneurs
  • Monthly challenges to help you level up in all areas of your music business.
  • Free Community page where you can post music for feedback, questions about the nuts and bolts of distributing your song or finding a publisher. Whatever you need help with, we'll all join in and help one another.


Everyone who joins the Empowered Indie Artists Membership will get

  • The Independent Artist Development Journey Course ($147 value) - 6 Modules to take you through the process of developing your own unique brand and story as an artist, understanding the infrastructure of the music business and soooo much more!
  • The How to Make a Demo Course ($67 value) - in the most non-techy way possible, I'll walk you through the basics of recording; from setting up your microphone to editing and exporting to an mp3.
  • The "Everything an Artist Needs to Know About Music Production" Mini Course - This is a broad overview of what goes into producing a song so that you can better understand how to communicate what you want to your producer, or to get you moving toward building your own career as a music producer.

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